Clean in Sales#

In this video, James Lawley interviews/models me about what he does in a first Sales call, developing a metaphor to help draw out more detail.


This was recorded in side room at the International Clean Conference in London, June 2015.

James Lawley needed an example of interviewing/modelling an expert to use in an upcoming course, and asked if I would mind helping out.

As is often the case with my Clean adventures, the resulting video is very useful for our internal training purposes.

In the most recent Better Conversations, I mentioned we had this video and people asked if they could see it. So… here you are.

Note this was recorded 8 years ago:

  • My use of Clean has developed since, I’ve got more understanding of what I’m doing and why (helped by having to explain it a lot more in Better Conversations)

  • This was my first attempt at videoing anything, and the location was far from ideal.

Thanks to James for introducing me to modelling, something we’ve found very useful as a tool throughout the business.