How many ways are there to deliver a course like Better Conversations? (Part 1)#

We’d like to find out, so we are running a Better Conversations course in April, with a number of twists which I thought people might be interested in.

The course will be at 3pm UK time on Saturdays from 5 weeks starting on 1st April and finishing on the 29th April. It’ll be our “Experience Course” format aimed at people who want to take the course and give it themselves or incorporate it into their own work.

We’re going to test a few things i.e., what happens when we:

  • Run on a weekend day?

  • Bring together a diverse group of facilitators?

    • They’ll have different levels of Clean experience - some are our friends from Systemic Modelling, some from other branches of the Clean world, and for some this is their only Clean experience.

    • They’ll be from different 7 different countries and cultures. To control the complexity, we’ll stick to just doing this in English although people can turn on translated captions if they want.

  • Mix up the delivery teams for each session?

    • Each session will be staffed with between 2 and 4 people from a bank of 10 faculty members.

    • We will team up a more experienced lead facilitator to work with someone new.

  • Introduce a billing system for attendees?

    • Given the glorious nature of the experiment, we’ve discounted it down to a nominal amount of £50 if you use the discount code EARLY.

We’re hoping the Saturday session will allow people who can’t do weekdays to join us. We want to find out what mixing the delivery team is like for the participants and the faculty. We’re also figuring out what the facilitators need, to be at their best in different teams.

Note that this is a paid thing for the faculty. If you’d like to be part of our faculty in the future, the first thing to do is attend an Experience Course like this. Your level of Clean and facilitation experience is less important than your ability to work well in a diverse team under pressure, so this is a great way to get experience of delivering to groups. Fees for facilitators in 2023 are USD 250, or EUR 225, or GBP 200 per session, depending on your location & currency.

If you’re interested in this particular glorious experiment or the Better Conversations course in general you can book a place here – this is for our “Experience Pass” which will get you access to all our courses for the rest of 2023 with code EARLY.

As always, we’re trying to write up things as we go along so that people can take our work and build on it. You can read what we’ve done so far, download the flight plans, course handbook here (freely available but requires registration).

Will this work? What will we learn? Will it be fun? Will Chandima ever leave me unsupervised again (she’s off to Australia)? I guess we’ll find out on the 29th April! :-)