Nice to meet you. We are the Better Conversations Foundation and we’re on a mission to enable people to connect with each other more effectively. This means kinder, happier and healthier workplaces and, as we’ve proven, more productive and profitable businesses.

The impact of this doesn’t stop at work. We are seeing people apply our approach in educational settings and in their personal lives.

What we do

We have an unusual business model based on the open source concept. We enable trainers and faciliators to offer a proven effective communications course, supporting them in course delivery, marketing and sales. And to get them started, once they’ve completed our Experience Course, we provide that support for free for a year.

Even better, all our content is freely available under a Creative Commons license, which allows you to take what we’ve done, use it yourself, taking just as much as you need and adjusting to fit your circumstances - all without having to pay us at all.

Why do we offer this? Our interest is in seeing the impact of Better Conversations globally. That means we need to “get out of the way” and enable a community to grow up around this. many communities, actually. Each served by people that share our purpose and values.

Who we work with

We work with trainers and facilitators on a Partner basis, helping them to deliver a fully developed and rigorously tested course to their clients. It’s a bit like a franchise, but without the fees.

We provide course design and delivery documents which contain everything that the course delivery team will need for a tightly planned one hour. We also supply professionally produced course documentation and an app that gathers feedback and issues participant certificates.

We help our Partners find new clients, as we know that’s often the area where even very talented trainers can struggle. For your first year as an Partner, all of this will be supplied completely free of charge. We only ask that you share a small percentage of the fees you earn from the course to help sustain the Foundation.

Sounds good, what’s the catch?

In short, there isn’t one. We’re a nonprofit whose objective is to spread the tools that we’ve developed as far and wide as we can, for the benefit of humankind. We’re building a community of like-minded people who can learn from us, each other and who we can ourselves learn from.


You can find out more about the Better Conversations course itself here

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