Zoom Breakout Rooms#


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We use Breakout Rooms to facilitate small group discussions. Generally each Better Conversations module has two sections where participants go into Breakout Rooms.

Some exercises will take longer e.g. practising 2-3 questions. Therefore the second breakout may be longer than the first…

Breakout Room Construction#

If you have a Producer#

Solo Facilitators#

If you don’t have a producer

Follow up From A Breakout Room#

Breakout Room Composition#

Timings and Notifications#

Giving a minute longer for me is to give them a minute longer to get to know each other on top of what you think each exercise should take. This will need to happen again if you change the groups for subsequent breakouts.

Assign breakouts based on state checkin. Post breakout 1, factor in how the individuals are engaging.

Change the groups only if the subsequent exercises don’t depend on the first one e.g. if it doesn’t involve continuing the conversation.

Change the breakout groups if someone is clearly not engaging or has a tech issue or other need. Consider keeping them in the main room to work with the facilitator on the exercise.

If you know a participant is neurodiverse, consider how to make the questions more meaningful and accessible e.g. by narrowing the context.