Flight Plans#

Designed to be used by the course delivery team, our “Flight Plans” are the detailed instructions for running the course. We use them every time we run the course and consider them to be the most important part of the material we are making available.

We are also constantly improving them based on feedback from the course delivery teams. You’ll see that the flight plans are versioned. You can find the change log at the bottom of this page.

Don’t feel you need to update to every version. Check the change notes to see if you want to update your version. Most of the time the changes are small and we hope helpful.

If you’re delivering a course for the Foundation you’ll be using the latest versions of the flight plans.

Current Versions#

You can download all the latest flight plans in a Zip file here.

If you want just the PDFs they are here. We don’t version the PDFs as they are just a snapshot of the Word files).

We suggest you read the course overview first as the flight plans are very detailed.

Change Log#

The most recent versions are listed first. You can see the descriptions of the changes by following the links. We can also supply diffs of the flight plans on request.

Date Released



22 March 2024

Formatting and other cleanups


19 March 2024

Removed BCF-specific checklists


Not publicly released

Updated gudiance


8 November 2023

Updated guidance


7 October 2023

First Dutch and Swedish translations


7 October 2023

Facilitator script updates


26 June 2023

New delivery team checklist and module 3 updates


7 April 2023

Minor updates


31 March 2023

Minor updates


26 October 2022

New Foundation branding


29 September 2022

Minor updates


16 September

Initial release