We’ve tried to answer a few of the most common questions here, however we do actively encourage you to sign into our far more detailed documentation platform and explore further. You’ll find a more detailed FAQs section there too.

How will you help me deliver the course?

We provide flight plans, which are design-and-delivery documents containing everything that a trainer and technical producer will need for a tightly planned one hour. We also supply professionally produced course documentation and an app that gathers feedback and issues participant certificates.

Can you help me get people onto the course?

We will help you with ideas to promote your course and how to expand your marketing reach should you choose to. We’ll also actively promote your courses using our own marketing engine and offer 1:1 telephone support on sales and marketing to help you with larger tenders and corporate opportunities.

What other support will I get?

All trainers delivering Better Conversations are granted membership to our free community, where you can talk to our team and other trainers, sharing your experiences, learning and contributing to the evolution of Better Conversations. We’re all in this together.

Can I change things about the course?

Absolutely! If you spot a better way to do something, either overall, for your market, or in a specific situation, we actively encourage you to enhance what we give you. Our only request is that you let us and the wider Better Conversations community know, so we can all learn from each other, and your improvements can be added to subsequent versions of the course.

What will it cost me to offer the Better Conversations course?

We are well funded, so trainers can join us and deliver the course fully supported for free for a full year. After that time, the only fee is a small percentage of the course fees earned. So, if you’re not making money from the course, you don’t owe us anything.

We’re not here to make loads of money (although it’s totally fine with us if you do). All we want is for Better Conversations to spread through the world and be of benefit to our relationships with other people.

If you’ve read these FAQs, explored the documentation, and you still have questions or would like to talk to a team member, we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line.