6. Glossary

Better Conversations

Is a course developed by Amphora Research Systems and donated to the Better Conversations Foundation. It is intended to give everyone some additional conversational skills, based on Clean Language and related disciplines. Our younger colleagues have abbreviated it to BCO, pronounced “Bee-CO”.


A group of people going through a Better Conversations course together. BCO is built not to require intact cohorts for flexibility of delivery but works well where you have people doing the modules together.


As described here BCO comprises 5 modules, which are 1-hour long sessions delivered by a facilitator. Each module has a defined plan described in this web site.


The slightly clumsy term used internally in the Foundation to describe the delivery of a module at a particular time. So a Learning Slot could be “Clarus Delivering Module 1 (State) on Monday at 4pm, Zoom Meeting ID 555-555-5555”

Flight Plan

The document we use internally in Foundation which has everything needed to deliver a Session. It will include both the Module Plan plus specific logisitical details. This document is a vital part of our ability to deliver a quality course reliably.

Module Plan

The plan describing what will happen in one of the 5 modules that comprises BCO. Typically this will be a summary time plan, plus detail of each section.


A module is made up of multiple sections which have a start time, length, and content. They will be summaried in the Time Plan at the start of the Module Plan and then covered in more detail, one per page.


An idea or concept which has both a way of looking at the world, and also a solution to the problem it uncovers. Some other courses have models which just describe a problem; we’ve tried hard to have both the problem and solution in the same model.



Intact Team


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Better Conversations Participant


Better Conversations Partner


Better Conversations Associate




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