4.1. Experience Courses

The Foundation’s aim is to empower others so most Better Conversations courses are delivered by other people.

We run regular “Experience” courses to give people an experience of how to deliver the Better Conversations course. These are aimed at people who are considering delivering Better Conversations themselves or perhaps taking the course and modifying it for their own purposes.

These Experience courses are delivered by Foundation Faculty and are the standard 1 hour module with the addition of an optional 30 minute “after party” where we will discuss the “behind the scenes” aspects of the particular module. You are also welcome to join us 30 minutes ahead of time to watch our setup and preparation.

All courses are delivered via Zoom so you can join from anywhere. Ideally you will be able to attend all modules, but you can move around if needed.

The Experience courses are by invite only to allow us to plan effectively around people’s individual training pathways to deliver the course. If you are interested in attending please get in touch.

We have also developed some marketing pages to help you understand how to explain the courses to others:

Invite link