2.6. Module 5: Feedback

Aim of this module

Learners will be able to:

  • Apply feedback questions and practice feedback

  • Prepare for a better conversation

What’s taught

  • Describe why intention is different to impact

  • Apply feedback questions and practice feedback


  • Welcome back

  • Questions and insights

  • State check-in

  • Recap fieldwork on Listening

  • Present Feedback Model

  • Demonstrate feedback

  • Breakout 1

  • Unpack learnings

  • Breakout 2

  • Unpack learnings

  • Reflect on learning

  • End of course

Download the flight plan

Download the current flight plan for this module here

Notes for facilitators

This module brings it all together; make use of the skills covered in the course to deliver this module and encourage feedback from the participants.

Timing is sometimes a challenge; there’s a lot of opportunity for discussion and reflection. Keep the group on track.

The power of this module is in the facilitator’s ability to “walk the talk” and demonstrate the skills covered in the course.

Examples of how to do this are:

State - Manage your state before and during the module to receive feedback in the spirit of improving the course.

Assumptions - Check your assumptions about what is being communicated. People are not going to deliver the feedback perfectly. Assume they have good intentions and ask questions to clarify any assumptions that you might be making.

Context - the feedback is given in the context of the course and what the participants or fellow facilitators have witnessed. They may have context they are bringing to the course that you don’t know and understand. Don’t take the feedback personally.

Listening with curiosity - sometimes just listening is enough. Gathering feedback on the flip also shows you’ve listened and heard the feedback. Accept the feedback - they are sharing their experience and context with you. Ask Clean Language Questions to clarify and show how the questions can be used in an everyday situation.

Feedback - demonstrate how to unpack the evidence and thoughts/feelings behind the feedback. Ask the questions suggested to separate out evidence, inference, impact and intention.

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