2.2. Module 1: State

Aim of this module

Learners will be able to:

  • Explain the Traffic Light Model

  • Describe how they know when they are in red, amber, or green state

  • Discuss some of the causes for them being in red, amber, and green state

What’s taught

  • To understand how state can impact the way you work or a conversation you are having

  • Be aware of your own state

  • What happens to let you know you are in a red, amber or green state

  • Unpack what helps you go from a red/amber state back to green


  • Welcome introduction

  • Introduction to the state model

  • Motivation/Learning outcomes

  • Present Traffic Light Model

  • Group Exercise

  • Breakout 1

  • Unpack learnings

  • Breakout 2

  • Unpack learnings

  • Reflect on learning

  • Fieldwork

  • End of session

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