1.3. Improvements and Suggestions

It is inevitable on a project this size that there are “bugs” in the content. If you spot one, we’d be grateful if you’d let us know.

Sometimes you might look at something and think “That could be better”. We’re really happy to hear those suggestions and have a conversation with you. That will likely lead to:

  • A clear improvement which we quickly incorporate into the course

  • A more involved change which might need more time and thought

  • Us explaining why things are why they are and the tradeoffs involved

That doesn’t mean you can’t customise what you deliver as you’d like, we very much encourage people to take this and make it their own. But we do have to be very thoughtful what’s in the “Main” version of Better Conversations which everyone else builds off.

Note that the Foundation needs to be the copyright holder of anything incorporated into the Better Conversations repository. Which generally isn’t a problem but we can’t accept material taken from elsewhere without a copyright assignment. Our ability to give this stuff away and for you to trust we have the rights to do so is crucial to the success of the whole project.

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